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Expository Preaching and the Future of Christianity, Part 2

Get help. Password recovery. Forgiveness Is A Gift. Latest News. Popular Articles. As we said last week, expository preaching is essential to building individuals and families that love the Bible and know how to handle it correctly.

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Expository preaching, however, has great benefits for the preacher as well. As one who speaks at churches often, below is a list I crafted as a reminder to myself. Again, if you feel the benefits above would be encouraging or a good reminder, consider sharing them with your pastor or church leadership. Greg and his wife, Pam, of thirty-two years, live in the Greater Philly area in close proximity to their three married children and one really cute grandson.

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Skip to content Church. Jones [1] As we said last week, expository preaching is essential to building individuals and families that love the Bible and know how to handle it correctly. If you are a pastor, here are ten benefits of expository preaching: [2] It sets limits on what content should be primary in the sermon. We take seriously the literary genre of a particular text and make use of the historical grammatical method.

Preaching to the Choir – The Future of Freedom Foundation

Illustration — I was once travelling to Singapore and a friend of mine had agreed to find me a place to stay. However, when I got there, to my pleasant surprise, I found that what he had arranged for me was way better than what I had imagined. I was full of gratitude for his generosity and for the arrangements he had made. When we take a journey, we generally like to have proper accommodation at our destination.

If not, we may even postpone our trip for another day.

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How encouraging it is to know that the Lord has prepared a better place for us! Therefore we do not face the future with uncertainty. While we may not know everything of what has been prepared, the scriptures show us that it will be something beyond our present imagination and vision!

The second coming of Jesus is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible.

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Since Jesus has been true to all His promises so far, we can be assured that He will be more than true to this one as well!! When that great event takes place, He will receive us to Himself, to enjoy His blessings forever!

Illustration — It is said that the territory held by a famous General in World War 2 was overrun by enemy forces. As he prepared to leave with his soldiers, he made a promise to the people that he would come back to liberate them soon. They held on to that promise and true to his word, the General did return with his army to liberate the land from the opposing forces.