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I hope youre excited for what youre about to read, because, if I do say so myself, it is en legit. You see, In addiPon to some kick ass workouts and a number of precise and immediately acPonable Pps, youre going to get something far more valuable: knowledge. I dont mean that only in the general sense of the word; I mean it both in the broadest and most specic senses possible.

In the broad sense, youre going to come to an understanding of fat loss that goes far beyond what you have read in magazines and on blogs. This alone would be valuable; however, were going to go much, much deeper. In the specic sense, Im not just going to give you not just the steps, but also the thought behind the steps. You see, this report isnt just about radical fat lossits about radical fat loss programming. Im not content to merely give you a program. I want you to understand what its designed that way.

Im going to give you a complete breakdown and understanding of the rules I use to design 2. If youre a trainer, youll be able to take these rules and apply them to your own stu, perhaps allowing you to write beMer workouts and help your clients get beMer results. If youre not a trainer and are instead interested in this informaPon purely for personal use, the informaPon is just as valuableperhaps even more so.

Once youve read this report, your enPre perspecPve will be changed. Im going to give you the breakdown necessary to assess and evaluate any program that you come across; anything thats being oered, pitched, or sold will now be stripped bare before you. Youll be able to apply these principles to those programs, and, if they dont measure up, youll know theyre not worth your Pme or your money. Im giving you an abridged version of my enPre philosophy, disPlled and presented for you in 15 pages. In other words, Im not just giving you some run of the mill reportIm giving you the keys to the kingdom.

Get ready to learn. Understanding Programming I have a lot of rules or principles for fat loss programmingwhich I will share with you belowand some of them can seem a bit out there; however, the over-arching theory of how I go about designing plans for extreme fat loss is exceedingly simple. This is hugely important; its the Big Idea, if you will.

Looking at things this way certainly requires you to put them in the broadest terms, but forces you t see things in the simplest termsand THAT prevents you from making mistakes many of my readers make. I know they are making these mistakes, because theyre evident in the quesPons theyre asking, which display a complete misunderstanding of the facets of programming that actually help you lost fat. Now, its true that there are no stupid quesPonsbut that doesnt mean that some quesPons arent based on stupid faulty reasoning.

In the tness industry, its hard not to get a lot of thoseespecially when it comes to fat loss. I do my best to answer each and every quesPons I get as directly and completely as possible, the fact is that a lot of the Pme, I dont understand the quesPon. Or rather, I dont understand the reason theyre asking it.

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Several Pmes a month, I get emails asking about how to modify programs. Most of these are logical: I dont have access to a pull up bar, what should I do? Resistance band pull downs, or rows. Or, Is it okay to use dumbbells instead of a barbell? Stu like that. But then there are others where are asking for advice on how to use my programs intended for fat loss into muscle building programsor how to turn muscle building programs into ones for fat loss.

I want to drop about 25 pounds in about weeks though. How can I modify the program and what diet should I use? Now of course, the truth is that if you do nearly everything right and get your diet perfect, as well as do cardio both frequently and intensely, you can lose fat on nearly any sensible weight training plan. Youll lose fat, but how much?


And at what rate? My above avowal begs the quesPon: why on earth would you do it this way? Its possible, but not opImaldoable, just not ideal. And that, predictably, brings us to the focus of this arPcle, which is to espouse my theories on fat loss programming, and give you an idea of to design your own such programs.

Male Fat Loss Program: Rapid Weight Loss for Men - UP Fitness

My clients and athletes want to get lean in the shortest Pme possible, and so my programs are designed to do just that. For this to be possible, a complete approach is of absolutely integral importance. In keeping with the Big Idea I menPoned above, this means all aspects of programming need to be geared toward that specic goal: diet, cardiovascular training, supplementaPon, and yes weight training.

Were talking radical fat lossand for rapid results, it just isnt enough to modify your diet and throw in some extra cardio. If it were that simple, there would be a lot more people walking around with appreciable muscle and visible abs. As Ive menPoned several Pmes throughout this piece so far, you have to have excepPonal programming. However, before you can worry about excepPonal programming, you have to the basics covered. I would like to believe that more people do, but I wouldnt be doing my job if I didnt give you everything you need to get started and put all the pieces in place.

To that end, we need to give some recommendaPons for aspects of your programming beyond just training. Lets start with the obvious ones. Diet Finding the exact balance of macronutrients that will help a person be successful is tricky. Not only are things highly individual, but its important to recognize that no Calorie formula is perfect, but at best is a good place to start. Now, that being said, in order to achieve radical fat loss with my clients, I need to start somewhere, of course.

To that end, I give general recommendaPons to set Calories below maintenance. The obvious reason for the structure is rate of fat loss. The more fat you have on your body, the faster you can lose itand the more of it you can losewithoutsacrificing LBM, all in that shortened timeframe. Therefore, you can consume fewer calories and still have a pretty decent rate of fat loss without really affecting the metabolic processes responsible for fat loss and even muscle gain.

Roman Fitness Systems 5. As for macronutrients, protein is set at between 1. There really is no magic numberas long as youre gebng a liMle bit above 1 gram per pound of LBM, youll be ne from a physiological standpoint of actual fat loss. The purpose of having a range is to allow for some individual customizaPon, the determining factor for which will be saPety. Simply put, if you start low and nd that youre sPll hungry, increase protein intake up to as high as 1. This allows you exibility with meal size and food choices.

In terms of carbs, limit intake to. On the other hand, you can go as high as. The dierence in your total Caloric intake is to be made up by fat. Of that fat, I recommend that you take one gram of sh oil per bodyfat percentage point. The main thing here is that you dont need a radical reducPon of Calories to allow for radical reducPon of body fat. While starPng Calories in the hole is not unno6ceable as far as saPety and energy levels, neither is it extreme. For fat loss without sacricing muscle, it is by far more ecacious to create or expand a decit via increased acPvity level.

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Male Fat Loss

I consider complexes cardio, not weight training. That would depend on need, Pme frame for goal, and tolerance to sPmulants. As to the weight training; thatll preMy much comprise the remainder of this wriPng, but lets just quickly go over a secPon from weight training and touch on why weight training is essenPal for fat loss: Greater Caloric expenditure than most cardio over the same Pmeframe Longer elevaPon of metabolic processes involved with fat loss BeMer for retenPon of lean body mass, which keeps basal metabolic rate higher.

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It is Pme, now, to delve into the rules that govern programming. In almost all cases, it is by far more eecPve to spread your acPvity over a greater period of Pme while sPll allowing for rest , and so for fat loss I am highly in favor of training twice per day.

Ready to Drop Fat and Get Sexified? Let's Do This.

Of course, training twice per day is not possible for some people, in which case I allow them to do weight training and cardio back to back, as long as they ensure that the weight training comes rst. The high level of frequency ensures a consistently elevated metabolic rate, a tremendous and constant surge of EPOC Excess Post-exercise Oxygen ConsumpPon and the resultant boost in rate of rate energy expenditure that accompanies those things.

My Fat Burning GYM Routine (Treadmill Interval Running)

For the sake of demonstraPon, here is an actual 3-week schedule for one of my online coaching clients, whose goal was to lose 18 pounds of fat in 8 weeks it wound up taking 6 weeks. Watch it Work on the treadmill. All told, this client is training 23 Pmes in 21 days, or an average of 7. In fact, my client is working out as oken as 5 Pmes in a 60 hour periodthat sounds crazy, but when you look closely at the schedule, youll see that stretches of back to back training are followed up by adequate rest Pme.

If that sPll seems like too much, in the following paragraphs you will see that each training session was very short, and the overall volume relaPvely low. Long training sessions anything over 45 minutes are unsuitable to radical fat loss programs; given the reduced calories, the structure of the workouts, youre creaPng a recipe for overtraining, injury, and stagnaPon. Im certainly a proponent of pushing hard, but theres a ne line between well-intenPoned intensity and stupidity, and that line can be dened by how long your train while on a fat loss program. In addiPon, based on what Ive seen with hundreds of clients, the level of performance drop-o is high enough towards the end of 45 minute sessions that adding in extra Pme is essenPally pointless anyway.

Unless you have an extraordinarily high work capacity in which case, why the hell are you fat and in need of radical programming? In most cases, 45 is pushing it. Dont believe me? Wait Pll you try the workout I designed for ya. As previously menPoned, the frequency is high, and so such short training sessions sPll provide enough sPmulus to elicit great caloric expenditure metabolic increase. One of the least talked about aspects of training is workout density; which is the amount of work you do in a given Pme frame.

Training density could certainly the topic of an enPre training arPcle unto itself, but for our purposes here it is enough to say that the greater your density, the greater your Caloric expenditure.