Peter Learns to Ride His Bicycle

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Penzance dad to ride daughter's bicycle from Bristol to Land's End | West Country - ITV News

By replicating surveys from two decades before about how often children were allowed to walk and cycle unsupervised, Hillman found this had plummeted. It was not an era of greater safety for children, he concluded; it was one of greater confinement to the home. Why are UK children so restricted? The obvious answer is that the roads are far less safe for cycling than those in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

But there is more to it, notably cultural and official attitudes which suggest children should be actively discouraged from getting about by bike. At the more extreme end is the example of a school in Portsmouth which sought to ban an year-old boy from riding the one-mile trip from his house, despite almost all of this being on cycle paths.

More notorious still was a case when a school in south London threatened to report a family to social services for letting their children, aged five and eight, cycle to classes unsupervised using the pavement.

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Victoria Hazael, from the campaign group Cycling UK, says it is more common for schools to discourage bike use tacitly. But this remains relatively rare, and for most young people in Britain, cycling remains something done in parks, or else on pavements or the occasional traffic-free cycle route, not an everyday pleasure and means of mobility.

Hazael notes statistics showing a rise in the proportion of English children cycling to school from 2.

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It is a depressing situation when you consider the huge and instant joy riding a bike can bring to almost every child, even those many might think would be excluded. Isabelle Clement runs a charity which helps people with disabilities ride bikes, or — as their impairment might necessitate — trikes, arm-powered cycles or various types of tandem. Wheels for Wellbeing regularly helps children, often helping them gain vital independence.

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For example, Clement notes, children with cerebral palsy can often manage a school commute by trike which would be impossible for them to walk. Sometimes, she says, the biggest impact can be felt by children with very severe and complex impairments.

Penzance dad to ride daughter's bicycle from Bristol to Land's End

It energises the mind and body, and it does the same however profound the impairment. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Our world was turned upside down.

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Peter says he would be happy if TheLittlePinkBike trended online. West Country. His daughter, Ellie, died of a rare form of brain cancer in , at the age of seven. Ellie loved cycling and learned to ride a bike without stabilisers when she was just three. I have bought a bigger saddle as the old one was tiny and very hard on my bum! Finding out about Ellie's tumour:. It sometimes looked boss-eyed and pointed inwards a little.

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At first, we put it down to her just being silly and pulling funny faces like kids do. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma affects 40 children across the country a year. The bike ride:.

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  • Penzance dad to ride daughter's bicycle from Bristol to Land's End | West Country - ITV News.