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The beach and the sea and the moonlight evoke a world where Chiron can escape from the pressures of society and stereotypes that define his life, where he can hide and be himself. But what it does beautifully is open your heart to Chiron, which is enough. Cumberbatch is fun to watch, because, like Sherlock, Strange is arrogant but prone to trip up in slightly comic ways.

The two have been tasked to assassinate a German officer in, of all places, Casablanca. Like Rick and Ilsa they fall in love as war is in the air and once they survive their mission decide to marry.

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The problem is after a few years and with the world still hanging in the balance some evidence arises that one of them may be a double agent. Show Caption.

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Yunior, the storyteller. Deep down, though, Yunior is both much more intelligent and much more compassionate than he lets on, which is one of the reasons he was drawn to Oscar in the first place.

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In a culture where compassion can often look like weakness, talking about Oscar lets Yunior show a side of himself very few people get to see. At the same time, his cynical and snarky voice brings a lot of humor to what would otherwise be the most depressing book in the world. Its evil power centers around the sugarcane fields, where generations of slaves were worked to death, and it is perpetuated in the person of Rafael Trujillo, the US-backed generalissimo who ruled the country for 30 years that were so brutal and violent many Dominicans refuse, Voldemort-style, to even speak his name.

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Those are for small curses, though; the kind you might get from walking under a ladder, not the kind you get from centuries of oppression. If they can stare it down, understand it, and tell its story, though, then they might just stand a chance.

Fantasy and Life. The biggest debate between Oscar and Yunior throughout the book centers around the curse. On one hand, Oscar has the full force of culture on his side. On the other hand, as Yunior points out, of course a country ruled by a brutal dictator is going to be full of misery. Spontaneous Spanglish, dreams of mongooses and men with no faces, and a terrified respect for all the secrets that still exist in the world.

While the language in it is much more genteel than the language in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao , the books cover many of the same subjects — including the way families carry on both blessings and curses, and the way the worst parts of history never really go away.

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