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In some places e. Goomar : A girlfriend of a married mobster not his wife. Rucca : Spanish term for girlfriend. Mora : A spanish slang term for girlfriend. Often specifically refers to a male friend. Derived from, or originated at the same time as homeboy see above. A close friend, especially one from your home town, or who you grew up with.

Used to refer to a close friend. Fool : Urban slang for friend or buddy.

Generally used between people of African American descent. Pal : A friend. This term may give off a condescending or patronizing vibe if used in the wrong way — implying that the person who said it feels superior to the other person in some way. Hebro : A Jewish bro. Bromance : An extremely close non-sexual friendship between two males. Broseph : A good friend. Can often be used in place of brother, dude, man or friend. That was sick! Brotato chip : Another phrase for homie or friend. The plural version may also refer to a bag of potato chips that is eaten with your bros. Ok… ok…… Ok…… Enough of that…..

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Part 3. Here comes the transparency Have I dated a woman that smashed a homie? In high school… was it a stupid idea? Because in high school, NO ONE is sincerely thinking about spending the rest of their life with anyone.

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Part 4. Our minds are always moving and our thoughts become mental short films that only flicker when the eyes stimulate the motion. This seems more like a Causcasian choice for a bunch of friends male and female to trade partners every year or two: See Vanderpump Rules reality show for reference. And I don't buy the whole its hard to find someone you loves and gets you, it really isn't that hard. But I honestly do think it would be different if the two haven't slept together and that is why I don't think women should go past 2nd base with guys unless committed.

More options I guess. Kissing is one thing and s e x is a complete other thing. I was with my ex for 10 yrs…we had a son. My ex had an associate who was part of his circle. During the last months of my relationship with my ex, I heard whispers of this associate being interested in me. A couple months after my relationship with my ex ended, I did engage in a conversation with the associate. We started seeing each other physically off and on for a few years.

Unfortunately, this associate's relationship with my ex has changed as well; they've gotten somewhat closer as well. So, while many people in my ex's circle knows about my relationship with the associate, my ex does not know. As the associate stated, he is not hiding from my ex but he doesn't want to put my son 12yrs old in a situation where he will be interrogated and lied upon you have to know my ex to understand what he is capable of.

I know it affects him as well as he has stated that he "wishes he met me first". Its a difficult situation. I love this article and especially some of the comments left behind a little feisty are we?

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But honestly, there are so many intricacies surrounding this topic that it makes it hard for me to leave a comment. But let me say this…if you do decide to be with a woman that has slept with one of your friends who you are still friends with , please don't ever hold that over her head later on and make sure you trust her, because seeing them near each other may give you a different feel.

Im not quite sure if my story will really be relevant but I am in college and I was talking to a guy for abt a yr. I was very much interested in him and his friends knew that. I also happen to notice that one of his close friends liked me. I was not interested in this friend in the beginning but later on started to notice his positive attributes. Nothing beyond just talking and flirting happened between the first guy and I but I saw myself in a relationship with the first guy and not the 2nd.

I did not show any interest in the friend and kept my distance from him not to give him the wrong idea but he always talked to me and did stuff for me which made my situation difficult because the guy I wanted was playing games. I knew it then but I chose to ignore it.

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My new homeboy..A Snow Highland Lynx named Dude..

My friend notices this and she informs me of the situation. I casually asked him abt it because I don't wanna be played and put my self in a position where I would look like a fool. The girl wasnt my friend but my school is so small that it was too close for comfort. He got pissed and told me I was listening to rumors, "bye sir"…her roommate told us cuz she had to leave the room when they had sex dorm room.

He transferred out but by that time his friend and I had become cool, we talked and joked around and whatever but nothing beyond friendly conversations. But, the guy has been gone for 2 years now, I was expecting the friend to make a move but he didnt.

Surprising thing is their friendship kinda waned at the end. Yes, he was aware that I liked his friend but that was a long time ago. I wanna try but there has only been friendship btwn us and I am too scared to ruin that so I keep my mouth shut. I keep wondering if it was because of their friendship.

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I really like him now. Do I think what I feel is wrong no, primarily because I have not been intimate with either guy which is a major reason also why all his close friends are cool with me and they respect me.

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Only the females don't seem to warm up to me and my girlfriend says it is because they want to preserve their one good man he's egyptian. But maybe I'll get my own later.. I haven't read all the replies here but what about the scenario with threesomes, where the boy initiates the threesome for his girl and invites his main homeboy in as the third party? Then the "third party homeboy" catches feelings for the girl and wants to continue the rendezvous without his friend?

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Who's the tainted one here? The third party homeboy? The boyfriend for coming up with the threesome idea in the first place? Or the girl for agreeing to the threesome? Someone I dated for almost 4 yrs was the good friend of a man I dated briefly, about 3 months. It's interesting because at the time I didn't think anything of it.

The man I dated first was already in a relationship unbeknowst to me so when I found out it kind of coincided with his friend showing interest although under the circumstances I was not quick to entertain his inerest, which he understood. The person I ended up dating did talk with his friend to let him know we were going out and from what I could see their relationship did not change.

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I never thought about the fact that I was intimate with both these men and I know my former bf didn't obssess over it either.