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Human beings are transcending on schedule.

Onwards and upwards, space-baby. It was originally a short story Clarke published in called "The Sentinel," which dealt with an alien artifact on the moon. The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick used the story as the inspiration for the film A Space Odyssey— with a script written by both Kubrick and Clarke himself. At the same time as the script was being written, Clarke wrote the novel which maybe explains why this is one time that the film is better than the book. Sorry about that, Artie. The film especially, and the book less so, became classics, and so spawned many a metamorphosed offspring.

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Clarke published Odyssey Two in ; it was turned into a film in Neither of those last two have been made into films—but still, you've got a lot of Odysseys there for the man-apes to grunt at and ponder over. You should care about because you are intelligent. And loves intelligence. Intelligent people read intelligent books about intelligence to feel intelligent together. Join in! Seriously, intelligence is a big deal. Without the kind of special intelligence humans have, you wouldn't be reading this, and Shmoop probably wouldn't exist.

But where does that intelligence come from? Why are you reading a Shmoop guide with big words and killer jokes rather than grunting and muttering ook! Right this moment, as you use your brain to Shmoop—how does that happen? What makes you a reading, cogitating Shmooper, rather than a chimpanzee or an eggplant?

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Clarke has a brain also, and like you, he uses it to wonder about these questions. He doesn't exactly come up with answers; more like fun variations. So has lots of different kinds of intelligences. There's the man-apes, who don't remember much and can't put 2 and 2 together to make an edged weapon; there's humans like David Bowman and Frank Poole, who could read a Shmoop guide if they had one out in space; there's Hal, the supercomputer, who calculates quicker than quick, but has homicidal tendencies; there's the never quite seen aliens, who know how to travel intergalactic distances and have no bodies, nor brains, just intelligence itself—preserved "in frozen lattices of light.

Attempt no landings there. This message was sent from the monolith computer talking to humans. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. Copyrights Odyssey Three from BookRags.

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