Ghosts of Oregon: The Haunted Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts

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Wilcox and his wife, formerly Stella Snider, had five children, including twins. During renovations when power was cut to this boutique hotel, lights were seen flashing off and on in specific rooms. Two subcontractors were allowed to stay in the home during some of the renovation process. A glow about her is claimed to be seen, as the long-dead Stella Snider still roams the rooms and halls of the Inn today. There have been many spirits seen and living at the Inn throughout the years up to the present.

The ghost here is believed to be the husband of the only family who ever lived in the house. He died here and now haunts his old bedroom. The ghost sightings occur when a single woman stays in the room. Two women have awakened in the middle of the night feeling like someone was lying on the bed beside them when no one was there. A third woman reported that she felt a presence in the corner.

Enjoy a ghost tour and seminar and learn hands-on skills for ghost tracking, plus how to record orbs and vortexes in audio, video, photographic and temperature formats. It's not surprising that four ghosts frequent Savannah's oldest inn and restaurant. Its most famous ghost, Anna, is said to have fallen in love with a sailor in the s. Tormented by unrequited love, she threw herself from the top floor window, and it's said she still haunts Room People hear voices; the head chef hears a man greet her many days with a "Good morning!

Haunted Hotels & Inns

A former innkeeper reported his dresser was moved in front of the door while he slept, and all the clothes were taken out and strewn about the room. In the morning, he accused an employee of sneaking into his room and doing it!

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Late one night, two employees heard something pounding on the inside door of the locked walk-in cooler. Of course, it was empty when they looked inside. Three ghosts have been accounted for in this former Civil War hospital. The second ghost is known to the whole community as "The Dancer" because the tap of his shoes is heard throughout the night as he dances at the top of the stairs. A male ghost makes an impression on the comforter in the Burgundy Room.

The Ghost of Christmas has tipped over the Christmas tree — breaking all the ornaments — each year for the past three years. The tree is now wired to the corner of the room. This inn's haunted heritage began to take shape during the early s when it was a boarding house. A widow who ran the boarding house would stand watch on the balcony, swinging a lantern back and forth to warn rumrunners when government revenuers were in town. The widow has long been dead, but anglers and shrimpers passing through the inlet say they often see the swinging lantern atop the Casablanca Inn. Legend has it that the house was owned in the late 19th century by a widow who rented rooms to travelers and boarders.

One night, a boarder who she thought was suspicious attempted to strangle her. Unable to scream, she grabbed a candlestick and beat him over the head. Returning to the bedroom, they discovered the man was dead.

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Fearful she would be imprisoned for murder, she asked the boarder to help her conceal the body in return for free rent. On her deathbed, she told friends what happened but never revealed the location of the body. In , during a renovation to expand the inn, human remains were found in a wall. The remains are believed to be the boarder that Mrs. Foley murdered, although they were never identified. Today, locals refer to this person as "Wally"! Some have reported hearing the door suddenly open in the room where he was killed, followed by a rush of air.

The spirit of a heartbroken young girl haunts this historic inn. As the story goes, Aaron and Lois Churchill adopted a child named Lottie after being unable to conceive their own. When Lottie discovered a romantic tryst between Anna and her father, Aaron, she poisoned Anna in an attempt to save the family.

Innkeepers have heard pictures falling off walls, yet have never found anything that has fallen. Doors open and close. This inn is hauntingly romantic. Many guests tell of haunted happenings, such as hearing footsteps pacing out in the hall on stormy nights.

There are reports of the tinkling of an old-fashioned music box, or the sound of child's laughter, and even seeing small child's handprints left in the bathroom rugs or tubs.

No children are allowed, so whose prints are these? The spirits are happy ones, yet sometime mischievous. Guests have documented that in the middle of the night they hear something moving in their room and wake up to find pillows stacked at the foot of their bed, and their personal items, like shoes or cameras, moved around while asleep. One woman had the sheet pulled up over her, and her cheek was stroked by a "spirited" visitor lovingly referred to as "The Caretaker" as her husband slept. Account after account in the inn's guestbooks recount chance meetings with polite and friendly ghosts.

Many guests have captured photos of orbs and apparitions. Want an encounter with the inn's friendly ghosts? You must make your intention known upon entering. Ghostbusters, guests and the innkeeper have said that plenty of playful spirits hang around here. Occurrences include midnight tugs-of-war with the blankets, and glasses leaning over and clinking on sherry bottles. One guest described a young lady sitting on the daybed in his room when he woke up.

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A few days later, the 4-year-old daughter of the owners asked if the lady in the doorway of the dining room was a guest; the little girl described the lady she saw exactly as the guest had. Several accounts of ghost encounters have been reported at the Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast. Haunted experiences have included strange scents, actual ghost sightings and cold air spots. One ordinary businessman reported smelling peanut butter cookies baking in the middle of the night.

A woman who claims to have psychic powers saw a young woman looking over her shoulder and into her suitcase to see what was in there as she packed. One guest reported a woman with a long flowing dress floating over the lake one night. Dismissing these visions as a dream, he awoke the next morning to find wet footsteps on his suite's otherwise dry deck, coming up over the railing and to the window. Another guest said the woman in the white flowing dress hummed to her at her bedside. Billy can be mischievous, and he enjoys the occasional prank, like pulling covers down on sleeping guests or pulling out a dining room chair, much to the chagrin of housekeeping.

The spirits of children reside at the Mayhurst Inn, primarily haunting the Magnolia room, Madison room and the School House.

Playfulness is a theme to the Mayhurst interactions; windows may pop open, or you may hear knocks on the door. Guests have awoken to interactions such as a young girl brushing her hair or children looking to play.

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Odd things are constantly happening at the inn. Windows unexpectantly fall from their casings. Water appears in strange places at strange times. Guests have asked to move to other rooms because of strange, uncanny impressions. Rms 1, 5, 7 and Also, the innkeeper reports having a dream of one of the ghosts, a black lady who may have been the main devoted servant at the Whistler Estate. They feel that she has possessed them in order to maintain the spirit and upkeep of the estate.

He was to make one last journey before coming home to marry her, but the ship and crew never returned. The librarian is said to still haunt the Lilac Room, which has a view of Lake Superior. She is believed to be watching for her sailor's return. Missoula, Montana Phone: garnetghosttown yahoo. Fees help preserve the town 40 miles east of Missoula.

His body was never found. It is believed that she is the widow of the construction worker who died, and her restless spirit seeks his body. Guests who leave a clean room return to find a towel used, a glass of water out, a desk chair moved. Hotel records report no one used the electronic key to get in to the room. The incidents happen too often to be brushed off as a fluke. All the rooms in a particular column , , have reports of mysterious phenomena. Albans, VT.

The house is haunted by several ghosts. Guests have reported seeing "Laura" a former resident of the house and a gentleman has been seen in the sitting room.


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Grey Gables Mansion River Street Richford, VT Phone: Stories circulate about the ghost of an old lady who likes to clean, of a boy and girl who stare out from the bedroom window and the old lady watching from the widow's peak. The chandelier inexplicably shakes and sways. One employee who heard a noise late one night saw a couple dancing. They disappeared, and he turned and left as fast as he could. The staff's code name for the ghosts who are responsible for the strange happenings at the hotel is "Walter," after the original owner of the hotel.

Some hotels like to keep these legends under wraps, while others, like the Queen Mary, use it as a marketing tool by offering ghost tours and special packages. But if you like the idea of possibly sharing your room with an unpaying, not to mention transparent, ghost, er, guest, these haunted hotels will be sure to raise your spirits.