Bad Girl! (Romantic Thriller)

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A taut and sexy thriller, every page of Into the Whirlwind will keep you coming back for more. Related: 9 Sizzling Romantic Suspense Books. A tortured hero, he and his star-crossed lover, Olivia Rashidi, can't stay away from each other. This rival-family pair give Romeo and Juliet a run for their pence. Who can say no to man named Horse? Still bruised from an abusive marriage, Marie isn't ready to saddle up just yet—even if Horse boasts multiple packs of abdominal muscles.

Bad Girl! (Romantic Thriller)

But that all changes when her brother runs into trouble with Horse's gang, and surrendering to Horse is the only way to rescue her brother You and Marie are in for a wild ride. The bad boy in the spotlight? Shane Brandon, the only morally just member of his affluent and corrupt family. As he wrestles with their unlawful business practices with his own moral compass, a new woman enters his life—and she just might save him from his turmoil.

Arlen visits The Dream, who explains that Comfort's economy is run on the drugs his concubines make, and that Comfort is free of feces because of the plumbing he provides.

Arlen agrees to join his harem, but then uses a pistol she has hidden inside her prosthetic to hold one of the pregnant concubines hostage, managing to extract the girl. They head out of Comfort in a golf cart, and soon reunite with Miami Man, who had been found and healed by the hermit. The child and Miami Man blissfully reunite, and Arlen implies she would rather stay with him in the desert than live in Comfort. Miami Man tries to discourage her, deeming her unable to survive out in the harsh desert; but does not send her away.

The daughter asks for spaghetti, as she had started to grow accustomed to good things in the mansion. Instead, Miami Man takes his daughter's pet rabbit, and later the three of them lounge by a fire eating it. Miami Man rubs his teary daughter's back, and then he and Arlen look into each other's eyes, smiling. Principal photography on the film began on April 8, in Los Angeles. The film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 6, The site's critical consensus reads: " The Bad Batch has its moments, but it's too thinly written and self-indulgent to justify its length or compensate for its slow narrative drift.

Guy Lodge of Variety gave the film a negative review, writing that "though there's much to savor in the pic's lavishly distressed visuals and soundscape, its narrative feels increasingly stretched and desultory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Bad Batch Theatrical release poster. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. May Retrieved August 11, LA Weekly. Retrieved June 25, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved July 2, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved 28 July Set in a remote region of western Spain, The Night of the Sunflowers adopts a Rashomon-like structure to unravel its story of a rape and the complicated aftermath from various perspectives.

On a crowded sleeper train to Hel the Baltic resort, not the hot place , two strangers — one of whom may be a murderer — are forced to share a compartment. Beaten, arrested and targeted by a low-flying crop-duster plane, he finds comfort only in the arms of Eva-Marie Saint , a characteristically cool Hitchcock blonde. Robert Newton stars as Dr Clive Riordan, whose discovery that his wife is cheating on him pushes him to extreme action.

Though tame by modern standards, excellent performances and a chilling atmosphere ensure this still packs a punch. The big scenes — the hammer fight, the octopus gobble — have become iconic. The rest is a horrific fable about violent trauma and its fallout.

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A rare blend of immersive action, intriguing deception and romantic tribulations combine in striking fashion as the eponymous baker tries to stay one step ahead of the Israeli security services. Essential viewing for fans of pugnacious, politically charged cinema. Co-written by and starring Billy Bob Thornton , alongside Bill Paxton , this neatly packaged thriller from director Carl Franklin transplants western sensibilities into a modern American small town.

Paxton is the ambitious young sheriff preparing to head off a gang of violent criminals on the run from the LAPD.

Suspense - J.D. Faver, Author Bad Girls Need Love Too

Events unfold as a masterclass in slow-burning tension. After stops in Bloomsbury and Barcelona, the globe-trotting intrigue culminates in a devastating endgame in Andalusia. Philippe bullies Tom, and in return Tom plots to kill him and steal his identity. James Stewart plays the convalescent with a broken leg who, in his boredom, takes to spying on his neighbours across the way.

Before long he uncovers a murder — the ultimate gift for any curtain twitcher. In this peerless, female-led film noir , a California housewife Joan Bennett is forced to hide a dead body for her troubled teen daughter — and then defend her family from the blackmail threats of a sinister stranger James Mason.

This impeccable heist movie, directed by American Jules Dassin on a tiny budget, is an enjoyably gritty French film noir in which four audacious criminals break into a high-end Paris jewellery store. This could easily have been another thick-eared Cannon Films actioner. But, drawing inspiration from a screenplay originally drafted by Akira Kurosawa , director Andrei Konchalovsky uses the locomotive hurtling through the frozen Alaskan wastes to intensify the battle of wits between escaped prisoners Jon Voight and Eric Roberts and sadistic warden John P.

In only his second US-set thriller , Hitchcock took evident glee in bringing a sociopath into the heart of a sweet-as-pie family home. Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy McGuire excel, while Siodmak uses shadows, canted angles and thunder-cracks to send gothic chills through the deep-focus visuals. Richard Burton played Alec Leamas, a British spy looking to devastate the East German intelligence services while pretending to defect.

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People are assets, running through a game-plan drawn up by anonymous men in high places. Under blue skies and beside a glistening lake, gay men meet for casual sex over a long, idle summer. Befriending Henri, Franck is meanwhile blindsided with desire for handsome Michel, but there are signs of trouble in paradise: talk of a killer on the loose, or something in the water.

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As subtle in mood and character as it is sexually frank, Stranger by the Lake makes most Tinseltown erotic thrillers look prehistoric by comparison. In this taut, short and inventive early home-invasion thriller , Lois Weber masterfully juggles three planes of action.

A woman played by Weber herself and her baby are trapped in a lonely house as a menacing tramp circles the property, brandishing a knife. A thrill ride, a period piece and a showcase for the spirit of a city.

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Lady Vanishes-worthy intrigue ensues, amid a thrifty depiction of a nation on the verge of civil war. John Kennedy. Together they make the shock discovery that their university campus is the epicentre of a snuff-movie ring. Off he goes on the run, fleeing into a shabby, brutal world where the real killer moves on with his plan to rid London of undesirables. Featuring a gruff James Caan as a veteran safecracker, Thief is a twisty, stylish affair. The film twists and turns, yo-yos from the top of a ferris wheel to the sewers below.

Graham Greene wrote the screenplay and a golden rule of the genre: the thriller thrives in a moral hinterland. Adapted from the novel by John Buchan , this black-and-white espionage thriller is an excellent example of the classic wrong-man scenario that director Alfred Hitchcock made his own. That man is Robert Donat as Londoner Richard Hannay, who goes on the run across the Scottish highlands when he is wrongly accused of murdering a spy. With the audience knowing more than the characters, this is a fascinating psychological puzzle with a terrifying twist.

A one-shot wonder filmed in a genuine continuous take. Can the crew pull off the robbery? Can the crew pull off the movie? The tension is unbearable. Considering the Democratic Republic of Congo only made its first feature in , there was no reason to expect such a slick and infectious first thriller.

For one of the most legendary suspense films of all time, The Wages of Fear takes its sweet time getting going. But having stretched the beginning to paint a trudgingly grim picture of expat existence in a dead-end Latin American village, this white-knuckle adventure then mercilessly turns the screws. As four desperate truckers take treacherous work delivering a highly volatile cargo of nitroglycerine to a blazing oil-field, Clouzot makes us feel every damned bump in the mountain road.

Audrey Hepburn was Oscar-nominated for her role as Susy Hendrix, a blind woman terrorised by a trio of robbers including a psychopathic Alan Arkin. A unique fictionalisation of real events, Z combines true Greek political intrigue the assassination of politician Grigoris Lambrakis with the talents of Greek-French director Costa-Gavras. Fast-paced and stylish, the film enters the divisive political terrain of a country embroiled by right-wing conspiracy. Z won best foreign language film at the Oscars in Sadly, director Yoshitaro Nomura has been woefully overlooked in the west. Zero Focus is one of his best, and was remade by Isshin Inudo in Who can you trust?

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