Audio for Single Camera Operation (Media Manuals)

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Subjects are clear when they are more than mm away from the lens. Yes, spot metering is the default. To select lock metering, slide down the screen and open metering function in the menu. After returning to the live view page, press the metering area for a long time and tap the center of the metering box to lock metering.

Download the DJI Mimo app; 2.

PDF The Animation Stand: Rostrum Camera Operations (Media Manuals) Read Online

Press the power button to turn on the device; 3. After the app is connected to Osmo Action, you will be prompted to activate the device; 5. Complete the activation process by following the prompts from the app. The DJI Mimo app will send push messages automatically.

Follow the prompts to complete the update process. Method 1: Double-tap the main interface of the back screen with two fingers or press and hold the QS button.

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Detailed shooting settings can be saved as a mode for future selection. You can save up to 5 customized modes. To save power, Screen Auto Sleep is adjustable with a minimum time of 1 min. Osmo Action supports voice commands in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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  • In camera view, press the QS button to quickly switch between the most frequently used modes. Tap "…" to select modes and add them to the QS interface. In Settings or Playback, press the QS button to return to camera view. Press and hold the QS button to switch between the two screens.

    Video will stop and start recording if you switch between screens while recording. The lock screen function prevents you from touching the screen accidentally. You can either save the videos on your phone first or use the DJI Mimo app to upload them and share the links generated.

    Method 1: Enter camera view, and swipe the touchscreen to the left to access camera parameter settings, and choose Manual M mode. Osmo Action has two built-in microphones. One is at the top, and the other is on the left side of the camera. Only the battery, lens filter cap, and USB-C cover can be detached.

    However, all these parts need to be properly attached before Osmo Action is submerged into water. Rotate the cap to detach it from Osmo Action, and you can exchange it for another cap or ND filter. The camera frame of Osmo Action can be mounted on a base or tripod.

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    Osmo Action itself can be used at depths of up to 11 m, and it can be used at depths of up to 60 m by using the Osmo Action Waterproof Case. Please insert the battery, attach the lens filter cap, and close the USB-C cover before using Osmo Action underwater, otherwise water may enter the device.

    Ensure there is nothing on the battery or inside the battery compartment, the battery is properly inserted, and both battery release buttons are grey with neither orange tab showing. Check that the USB-C cover is properly closed. Ensure that the lens filter cap is intact and properly attached; replace it with a new one if it is damaged.

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    Osmo Action is waterproof at depths of up to 11 meters. When using it with a waterproof case, it is waterproof at depths as far down as 60 meters. Do not jump into water with Osmo Action. Do not use Osmo Action in hot springs. Wash Osmo Action with clean water after removing it from other liquid and let it dry naturally.

    Audio for Single Camera Operation

    Remove Osmo Action from water immediately and remove the battery; 2. Dry the surface of the camera with a clean and soft cloth. These settings are not applied for the EXE format. File and folder operations are performed in the same manner as in Windows Explorer. The following formats are supported:. To view exported videos in other players may require additional codecs. Additionally some codecs are not allowed in AVI format.

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    A warning message will appear. This is a default format. It does not restrict video and audio content. As soon as this executable is started, new Client instance is run and plays back the exported video.

    Working with Wisenet WAVE > Playback in Wisenet WAVE > Exporting

    In this case, the data on motion and recorded fragments is also exported. F iles produced with the x64 version of software will only be viewable on Windows x64 ; however, x86 can be viewed on any architecture. As soon as export is finished, the video will be available in Local Files in Resource Tree :. T his resource will be available until Client restarts. Exporting Recorded Region from Single Camera. To Export : 1.